Annual meeting 2023

FDB arranges a meeting with all employees at the start of year. 
This year the meeting took place in FDB Oslo (Lilleakerveien) from the 9 to the 12 of January.

A main theme this year was the work-flow of Hydrocord.

The purpose of these meetings is to share strategies as decided by the board, and to discuss its consequences on daily operation of the company. The meeting is also used for completing courses that benefit from having all employees present.

The program included:

  • Practical first aid, from «Røde kors hjelpekorps».
  • IT security, with practical advice from the IT department.
  • HydroCord Retrospective workshop: «What worked and what didn’t?».
  • Summary and discussion if we met targets agreed in 2022.
  • Selected HSE related topics.
  • Use of Wrike.

Img. 1: FDB team, Annual Meeting 2023.