Summer Internship 2016

Our summer internship candidate, final year graduate student at NTNU.Trondheim Eirik M. Hansen, completed two tasks connected FDB’s R&D activities on hydropower. For both studies Hansen used the software Flowmaster from Mentor Graphics for numerical simulation of flow dynamics. One aimed at understanding the dynamics in a closed water flow loop, and the other had a focus on evaluating naturally occurring dynamics in a hydropower plant. Both studies complement physical measurements already made and in progress and as part of the phd- project by FDB’s Ingrid Vilberg. FDB plans a publication combining the numerical works and experiments within 2016. Hansen currently spend his time at NTNU and with a focus on a main project given students in their next to final semester. Hansen’s project focuses on excitation systems for investigating pipe dynamics. Through this study Hansen continues to use Flowmaster, but also 3D CFD software for performance evaluation of the excitation mechanism itself. FDB participates as the co-supervisor, and also plan to physically realize the excitation solution.