PhD thesis defense and trial lecture for FDB employee Jarle V. Ekanger 29/2- 2016

arle Vikør Ekanger has submitted his PhD. thesis with the title “Investigation of the relationship between water quality variation and caviation occurence in power plants”

The following Committee has been appointed to evaluate the thesis:
Professor Paul Uwe Thames River, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Chief Engineer Xin Chen Billdal, Schlumberger, Norway
Emeritus Professor Jan M. Øverli, NTNU

The trial lecture titled “Subsea Multiphase Pumping: Challenges and Opportunities” will be held in the PFI building, Gløshaugen, 02/29/16 kl. 10:15
The defense will be held in the PFI building, Gløshaugen, 02/29/16 kl. 1:15 p.m..

The trial lecture and defense are open to the public.
The work was performed at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Supervisor has been Professor Torbjorn Kristian Nielsen, NTNU. Co-supervisor has been Morten Kjedsen, Flow Design Bureau AS.

Ekanger has been an employee of Flow Design Bureau AS for the whole duration of his PhD work. The study has been partially funded by the Research Council of Norway, through The Industrial Ph.D scheme. (