A novel test facility makes its debut

The testing of the LiTRo test facility has been ongoing since mid-September 2020. The mapping of performance characteristics, the development of operational procedures and controls optimization together define the main tasks in this period. As for performance the overall concept is sound, and LiTRo enables the production of repeatable, well-defined, and adjustable pulsating flow fields. A transparent test section allows the inspection of the motion of rocks and gravels.

The concept of the LiTRo test facility is based on a solution and concept provided by FDB and realized as a project that includes two Norwegian Power companies and NTNU. Partial funding is provided by the Research Council of Norway, grant # 296284.

A 30ft container serves as the base for most of the installation and provides a way to transport the facility between different sites. At the time of writing the test facility is hosted by Sira Kvina Kraftselskap in Tonstad, Norway.

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LiTRo is short for “Lift and Transport of Rocks”, and reflects the very first type experiments to be made in the facility.